Steelwallet - seed recovery

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Steelwallet is an offline backup tool to store your recovery words (seed phrase).
With Steelwallet, your seed is protected against fire, water, electrical shock, corrosion, and pretty much any obstacle nature throws at it.

What you will receive

  • Detailed instructions
  • 2x Engraved stainless steel plates
  • 1x Automatic punch

With this set you can store up to 24 words, 12 words per sheet.

Will your Bitcoin backup survive a house fire?

Make sure your coins are protected against extreme conditions and disasters.

Make your Bitcoin wallet backup last forever

Creating a backup of your Bitcoin and crypto wallet is important. It ensures that your funds can be recovered even if you lose or break your hardware wallet.

Regular backups need to be protected from the elements. The Steelwallet helps you take your Bitcoin backups to the next level and ensure they can survive a house fire or whatever nature throws at it.


Clear instructions, low tech, no additional tools required

Heavy duty

Made from stainless steel (stainless steel) to withstand almost anything, including mechanical violence, fire, radiation and corrosion


Aging-resistant security for your future generations


For all cryptocurrency wallets that use up to 24 recovery words - BIP-39 compatible!