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Innovative BitBox hardware wallets: Secure storage for your cryptocurrencies

Welcome to our online shop for hardware wallets, where we proudly present the BitBox 02. Find out more about the advantages of BitBox02 hardware wallets and how they help you store cryptocurrencies safely.

Robust and reliable: The BitBox02 wallets

The hardware wallets are the latest generation in the BitBox series and are very robust and reliable. The stylish design has many security features that protect you from hacking, malware and phishing.

Open source software for maximum transparency

An outstanding feature of BitBox wallets is the use of open source software. The software codes can be verified by the community to ensure security and trust. With BitBox you can be sure that your private keys will not fall into the wrong hands.

Excellent usability

The BitBox hardware wallets are also characterized by their user-friendly operation. Even beginners can carry out transactions safely and keep track of their cryptocurrencies. The interface is simple and the touchscreen is fast. You can rest assured that your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are in safe hands.

Buy the BitBox and invest in security

In our online shop we offer you the opportunity to buy BitBox hardware wallets conveniently and safely. With just a few clicks you can order your BitBox02 and soon know that your cryptocurrencies are safe. Whether you are new or experienced with cryptocurrencies, BitBox is safe and user-friendly.

Buy BitBox02: Keep your cryptocurrencies safe

Increase the security of your assets with BitBoxes

Invest in the security of your cryptocurrencies and trust the proven BitBox series. BitBoxes are more secure than software wallets or exchanges for storing assets. Secure your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies now and avoid unwanted risks.

Accessories for every BitBox

BitBox not only produces hardware wallets, but also accessories to store cryptocurrencies safely. With the Backup Card you have the opportunity to keep your important wallet keys offline and protected. The tamper-evident bags offer an additional layer of security by making tampering attempts visible.

The BitBox Steelwallet is a good stainless steel physical backup solution to protect your keys. With BitBox accessories, your cryptocurrencies are safe and protected from loss.

BitBox02: Discover the right version for your cryptocurrencies

The BitBox02 wallets are available in two different versions: “ BitBox02 Bitcoin only Edition ” and “ BitBox02 Multi Edition ”.

The BitBox02 btc-only version focuses specifically on supporting Bitcoin. With this edition you can securely manage your Bitcoin wallets and conduct transactions. The BitBox02 btc-only has customized software. This makes Bitcoin use easier and safer.

The BitBox02 Multi Edition expands functionality beyond Bitcoin. This version supports not only Bitcoin, but also a variety of other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more. With BitBox02 Multi Edition you can securely manage various cryptocurrencies and carry out transactions on a single hardware wallet. This offers you flexibility and convenience in managing your cryptocurrency investments.

Whether you only use Bitcoin or have various cryptocurrencies, BitBox02 has the right version for you. Choose the right edition and experience a secure and intuitive experience for your cryptocurrencies.