Cryptosteel Cassette Solo

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The Cryptosteel cassette is the product that started it all and established the offline metal wallet market.

The cassette is a pocket-sized stainless steel unit designed to securely store the alphanumeric data of your choice without the need for special tools or third-party involvement. Each unit comes with its own set of stainless steel tiles engraved on each side.

Codes and passwords are assembled manually from the supplied partial random set of characters. You can quickly save up to 96 characters, ensuring the security and protection of your data.
Essentially, once a desired sequence is stored in the cartridge, it acquires offline permanence status and is resistant to physical damage, including fire, floods, corrosive conditions, electric shock, and impact in the event of an accident.

Product specifications

  • Cassette dimensions: 106x60x6 mm
  • Cassette and tiles are made of AISI 304
  • Tiles consist of all capital letters of the Latin alphabet (from A-Z)

Packaging specifications

  • Weight: 455g / 1lb
  • Dimensions: 160 x 120 x 20 mm / 6.3 x 4.7 x 0.8 in

1 x Cryptosteel Cassette Unit
1 x letter set (approx. 800 tiles)

Optimized for recovery seed phrases

Your 12-24 Recovery Seed Phrase is based on Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39, known as BIP39, which allows the use of a voice-based mnemonic phrase to act as a backup in the event your wallet is lost or becomes unusable.

The words are selected from a special list of 2,048 common English words. While not all words have exactly four letters, each has been chosen so that the first four characters uniquely identify each word. This also applies to the occasional three-letter words where the fourth character is blank. So if you have four tiles, you have your say.

Cryptosteel Mnemonic can store up to 96 characters. This is exactly what you need to store a 24 word list in the BIP39 protocol. Each Mnemonic tileset contains an optimized character count and distribution for maximum functionality and usability. The kits are partially random for an additional layer of security.