Icynote - Paper Cold Wallet

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Easily give away Bitcoins

You can easily top up Icynote with Bitcoin and give it away. Are you looking for a special gift for a wedding, a baptism or your best friend? Then Icynote is just the thing.

Swiss cold wallets Icynotes protect your Bitcoins

How it works

1. Purchasing and setting up Icynote

  • Buy an Icynote cold wallet here in our shop, check all security details.
  • Download the Icynote application from the Android or Apple store.
  • Scan the Icynote QR code and enter the verification code.
  • If the application notifies you that this banknote is real,
  • name this wallet and start loading bitcoins...

2. Top up Bitcoins in your Icynote Cold Wallet

  • Buy Bitcoins from a secure source and send them to the address in Icynote.
  • Make sure you don't make any mistakes, you can use the QR code for this.
  • Once you have sent the Bitcoins to the cold wallet, you can scan them and check the value.
  • Choose your currency (USD, Euro, etc.)
  • Name this cold wallet and start loading Bitcoins.

3. Spend your Bitcoin Icynote or transfer it to another cold wallet

  • You can easily give away your Icynote with the loaded Bitcoins (wedding gift, baptism gift, ...).
  • You can exchange your Icynote for any goods and use it as cash.
  • You can scrape the hologram and use the embedded private key to transfer your Bitcoins to another cold wallet.

4. Storing your Icynote as a “Cold Wallet” (We do NOT recommend it)

  • Icynotes can withstand up to -40 to +60 degrees Celsius (-40° to 140° F).
  • Although not recommended, Icynotes can last through an entire washing machine cycle. Avoid washing your clothes if Icynotes are in the pockets.

The ink is protected and can preserve your Bitcoins for 20 years in a dry place at normal temperatures.