Storing and Inheriting Bitcoins - Marc Steiner

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What happens to your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies if you have a serious accident, become demented or die? If you don't manage your digital estate in a timely manner, your cryptoassets will be lost forever. In his practical guide, digital expert and Bitcoin consultant Marc Steiner shows you clearly and to the point how you can safely store and inherit your Bitcoins. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, he clearly guides you step by step to a reliable estate plan tailored to your individual needs. In addition to the basics of Bitcoin, you will find out in Steiner's guide:

  • How to store your Bitcoins using wallets
  • How to protect your Bitcoins from theft
  • How to protect your IT systems from hackers
  • How to plan, implement and manage your digital Bitcoin inheritance

Together with the guide, you will receive a secure online tool that will save you a lot of work in your personal estate planning. It also includes instructions for your heirs. This way, if the worst comes to the worst, they will know what to do with your digital estate. After reading, your personal Bitcoin inheritance is secured. Feel good. «Read this book! It sheds light on an aspect of new technology that has remained obscure for far too long." – Jonas Schnelli, Bitcoin Core Developer and Maintainer