Sticker "bitcoin HODL" 148x50mm

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Anyone who is active in the crypto trading scene has probably seen or heard the term Hodl several times. We'll explain to you what it means and where the meme comes from.

The term Hodl can be traced back to a forum post from December 18, 2013. It was posted at the time by a user named GameKyuubi. According to his own statement, he was no longer completely sober at the time of the post (this can also be seen in his spelling and grammar).

Anyway, the title of his post is: “ I AM HODLING
He then gets upset that Bitcoin has just crashed and would-be traders tell him he should have sold his BTC beforehand. But since he missed the time of the crash, he will now continue to hold Bitcoin and in the long term it will pay off for him. He then writes half of the post in capital letters. Which is already a sign of how frustrated he is.
Source: "HODL" , April 10, 2018

You will receive stickers in portrait format, 148mm wide and 50mm high with the Bitcoin symbol.

The stickers are made of 90 µm white PVC film. The film has a high adhesive effect and robustness as well as good UV resistance. The white background increases the luminosity and color brilliance on a dark background.

Additional information : The cover paper is a 135 g/m² chlorine-free bleached kraft paper. It has a back slit for easy removal.

Packaging Unit: 1 sticker